What You Need to Inquire When Getting a Wedding Dress Alteration?

Guide to Wedding Dress Alteration

Wedding is not just about venue and catering service, you also need to keep an eye with your outfit. You’ve said yes to the dress, now what? You might like the dress that you get but, you want something more to be done to it. There are so many options when it comes to getting dress alterations. This will totally help to transform your wedding gown into a majestic beauty that you have been dreaming of. If you want to know how to give it a quick makeover, here are some easy to do guide to wedding dress alterations while you enjoy a stress-free, seamless experience:

All About WeddingHow much it will cost?

Unless your dress is custom-made just for your particular body, count on having to go the alterations route. How much the tailoring will cost can vary wildly, depending on how involved the tweaks are. It always depends on how you want your dress to look like and how many designs you are going to include. If it will be a complicated one, it can cost a lot. If you are getting a simple tone, it will save you a bit.

Are some fabrics more expensive than other to tailor?

Yes, in the sense that you want delicate, hard-to-work-with fabrics, like charmeuse, chiffon, and georgette, to be handled by someone with tons of expertise. If, on the other hand, your gown is constructed of shantung, lace, or linen, it’s fine to have it finessed by someone a little less seasoned.

How long will it take to finish?

This depends on the extent of the alterations being done, but most fittings require three trips to the tailor over the course of several months. If you go with the services of the bridal salon where you purchased your dress, it might take another two to four months after the dress comes in for the work to be completed.

How many fitting is needed?

Good news here: Just three fittings—one a month leading up to your big day—should be all it takes to get your dress in tip-top shape. At your first fitting, about three months pre-wedding, expect to spend around an hour with your seamstress to discuss what needs to be done. Your next appointment will be about one month out; strive to be at your target size so that any major alterations your tailor makes will work on the aisle. Aim to have your third fitting with one week to go. This last session is exclusively for final tweaks and should therefore happen as close to the wedding as possible.

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