Top Five Traditional Flavors for Wedding Pies in Houston TX

Common Pie Flavors for Wedding Events

Pies can be good alternatives to wedding cakes. As one of the traditional but also one of the best desserts to serve especially during special events, there are many flavors and fillings that you can choose from. But before discovering the newest trends when it comes to wedding pies in Houston, TX, many couples stick to traditional flavors to be more safe. Here are the top five classic flavors that are perfect for weddings.

wedding cheesecakesStrawberry

One of the most savory flavors of all time is strawberry. Strawberries are widely used in pastry. Having its sweetness compliment its sour taste, this is something you should look forward to every pastry especially pies. Plus, its deep red color makes pies look more delicious. This is also one of the commonly used by wedding caterers for their dessert.


Pecan pie is just one of the best pies American are famous for. Pecan nuts are also known due to its health benefits. If you are health conscious and would like to serve something healthy and at the same time delicious on your wedding, pecan pies should be on your list too.


An apple pie a day can keep the doctor away! Apple pies are always perfect for holidays and other events. This is the ideal partner to coffee if you will be having a breakfast wedding. What makes apple pies different are its sweetness and juiciness especially if with custard or cream.


If you are looking for a flavor of wedding pies in Houston, TX that will not get the attention of everyone through  sweetness only, lemon is the flavor perfect for you. Lemon meringue pie is one of the most delicious pies in the world. Simply because it gives off a lovely tangy taste balanced with meringue’s sweetness.


It is not only every Halloween you will see pumpkins. Pumpkins are also perfect for sweet desserts and symbol of harvest time. Pumpkin pies Houston are best to have for fall and early winter weddings.

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