Tips in Making Easy Décor for Your Hindu Wedding Decoration Banquet Hall

Traditional decorations for wedding banquet hall

wedding mandapIndian weddings are one of the most complex and luxurious event in the world with a variety of rituals that carries on for weeks. It includes the wedding ceremonies being conducted against a lavish décor and gorgeous backdrop. Everything from the wedding venue is designed to reflect tradition mixed with a touch of modernity.

Try some of these ideas for Hindu wedding decoration in banquet hall Décor:

  •  Fresh flower and leaves – In Indian wedding, they use yellow marigolds flowers with sweet smelling jasmine for decoration. You can use silk flowers if the fresh ones are not available. They are also being used by some wedding caterers to decorate the table.
  • More lights – Indian weddings traditionally involve the use of Diya’s. You can use candles to achieve the same effect. Place it in floating candles in bowls with flowers. If you are not allowed to open flames at the reception, you can use electric tea lights or led lights.
  • Glittery Fabric – You can use shimmering fabric under bright lights. You can go as crazy as you like or you can use satiny and spray on shimmer. All these materials can be found at any store and drape them all over the Indian wedding venue.
  • Tassels and Beads – Other Hindu wedding decoration in banquet hall put additional beaded to table runners, centerpieces, napkin holders and seat backs.
  • Rangoli Art – Use different kinds of flowers petals to define Indian décor. Used colored sand to create these appealing images on the floor of the reception. You can have a lot of fun playing with a variety of design to your wedding venue.
  • Painted table toppers – Instead of using dull pieces of white card to create table toppers, paint them with Indian motifs. Use religious symbols or art styles to designated table ask your Indian wedding decorators.

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