Tips for Filming Your Own Wedding Videography in Houston, TX

DIY Wedding Videography

Creating your own wedding video is quite impossible. However there are lots of ways to do this. Creating your own wedding videography in Houston, TX doesn’t mean that you are going to hold the camera by yourself. You will need extra help from your friends or family member. The video that you are going to make will not only save you a lot of money but also it is great way to make yourself proud and impressive.

Wedding VideographerDelegate

It is important that you will orient the people who will be involved in this set up. Make sure that they are using high-end smartphone. You need to find first a perfect application that is suitable in making beautiful and high quality footage. One you installed it in every smartphone of your correspondents; you need to assign them where they are going to stay and what detail(s) they need to capture. In order to perfect this idea you can include them in your wedding rehearsal. With this idea you don’t need to hire expensive wedding videographers in Houston, TX.

Be Strategic

There is no assurance that you will get perfect video footages of the wedding. The only thing that you can do is to provide the correspondence with monopod or phone pad to make sure that the footages are not blurry and the phone is steady. The wedding may last for couple of minutes, odds are the phone will drain its battery and the video footage will be interrupted. To avoid this, you need to remind your correspondents to fully charge the phone before the wedding and bring their own powerbank to sustain power.


One of the best parts of having your guests’ record your wedding using their smartphones is that almost everyone becomes involved. In this case, they will feel that they are very important in your wedding day and they’ve done something good. Create a facebook page or instagram and let the guests upload the video for you to be able to collect them without asking them one by one. Doing all the things that you need for this set up beforehand will ensure that you are free to enjoy your day without having to direct your very unique and excitable camera crew.

Sorting all of these things out before the day will ensure that you don’t go home early, or miss anything that was important to the couple. While every wedding is different, there may be some basic moments you need to capture, from the bride putting on her dress to the first dance to the couple’s grand exit. You can also create a video shoot for your food and drinks with your catering services.

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