The Difference of Getting White Gold and Platinum San Diego, CA Wedding and Engagement Rings

Contrasting White and Yellow Gold

wedding and engagement ringsWedding needs a lot of preparation, from wedding caterer to venue and even rings. There are so many shops that specialize in creating and selling wedding and engagement rings in San Diego, CA that are made of white gold and platinum. If you are going to ask experienced jewelers, they are most likely to say that both metals and valuable and expensive.  

When these metals are closely examined, they are both weighty and dense. The impact of these two will always affect the look that you prefer while you walk the aisle.  In order to understand more, it is important that you know the difference between the two.

Taking a close look at the elements

If you remember your high school chemistry lessons, then you are familiar that both these metals, platinum and gold, belong to the same class—heavy metal section. Both metals are also same in terms of color which is white-ish.

Gold metal has a long history since it is then used by people from Egypt and South America like the Incas. This type of metal has many properties that are desirable for accessories like tarnish prevention, no rust, does not acquire green patina and etc.

When buying gold, 100% gold does not mean excellent. In fact, a 24-carat gold is too soft. This metal needs to be combined to other alloys in order to attain hardness fit for jewelry. The ideal carat for gold is 18K which is 75% pure. If you want to have a cheaper option, you can go with 14K or 12K gold ring.

Like the first metal, platinum is also very impressive since it does not corrode, tarnish, change color and rust as time passes by. Although the use of platinum is recent, it is considered by jewelry makers as a great metal when making jewelry.

When it comes to weight, platinum is heavier; it is estimated as 40% heavier as compared to gold. With this property, it makes the platinum malleable and dense. The only issue with platinum is its ability to be designed since it is too hard. If you are a lover of simple wedding and engagement rings in San Diego, CA, you can go with platinum ones.

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