Resizing Rings in Houston, TX for Engagement and Wedding Band

Choosing Wedding and Engagement Rings

Probably you will forget how your venue look like or the taste of food served by the wedding catering but your ring will always there in your finger to remind you with the promise of love. It is inevitable that wedding and engagement rings will shrink or expand throughout the years. Depending on the kind of metal that is used or the various factors that the metal is being exposed to, you need to check if there is a need for you to resize your ring. It is necessary to resize the ring otherwise, you may end up losing the ring because it slipped through your finger or you may end up getting stuck with the ring on your finger because it shrunk.

Engagement RingThere are many jewelry stores that offer resizing of wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX. It is usual that wedding ring resizing will have to include increasing the diameter of the ring or decreasing the size in order for it to fit again. Such precious metal should only be handled by a professional and experienced jeweler. If there is a need for the ring to be enlarged, this will have to involve cutting the ring and spreading the material. Hence, only a professional should be able to do this properly.

On the other hand, if the ring needs to be reduced, the ring is being cut and a part of the band is removed before putting it back together again. If you are shopping for wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX, you need to think about the possibility of resizing in the future. There are some metals that are used in the ring which are difficult to modify as compared to others. Usually, plain wedding bands are the ones that are easy to modify.

The less settings and ornaments the ring has, the easier it will be to modify. Depending if the size should be increased or decreased, compression or stretching is needed. If the ring has many patterns, the jeweler may find it difficult to resize since the pattern can be distorted. Hence, when it comes to choosing wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX, the material and design of the ring should be taken into consideration.

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