Premade VS Custom Made NYC Wedding and Prom Dresses

Options to Choose for Wedding and Prom Dress

When it comes to choosing wedding and prom dresses, there are a lot of factors being considered just like in planning for an event, you need to have many options in catering, photographers and venues. From the style, the trend, the accessories to pair, shoes, hairstyle and more, it sounds overwhelming to choose. One of the first decisions being weighed in by many is whether they go for premade or custom-made NYC wedding and prom dresses. If you are also thinking about this, here is a little guide.

Custom Made

You may be wishing to wear an expensive custom-made dress, but your budget can’t afford. If you prefer to have custom made a wedding gown or prom dress, all your desires for the color, fabric and designs will be granted. Sketch your one-of-a-kind dress and be distinct from others during the prom or from other wedding gowns in the store. Additionally, there is no need to reduce or upgrade on the dress because the measurements will be according to yours. Your dream dress comes true and perfectly fits for you. Custom made bridesmaid dresses in NYC NY will show your style and personality. Visit for possible store that offer the same service.

This option, however, comes in pricey. Depending on your style, it can take some time to make. Wedding gowns must be finished a month prior to your wedding date and around two weeks before the prom night. It is recommended to visit a seamstress one year ahead of your wedding and around 5 – 6 months before the prom.

Pre Made or Store Bought

The premade dresses offer automatic satisfaction because it is perfect for last minute occasions, like prom. Bride to be or high school girls can try multiple wedding and prom dresses on instantly. If it is wedding or prom season, the discounts are greater. Compared to custom-made dresses, premade dresses can be purchased for less than $100 to $300.

On the other hand, store bought dresses usually come in repetitive themes and style. If you are looking for a unique dress to wear while walking down the aisle or dance with your crush, this is not the option to go for.

At the end of the day, whether you have custom made or premade NYC wedding and prom dresses, it is you the bride or the high school girl that makes the event unique.

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