Photographers Solutions for Wedding Photography Storage in NYC

NYC Wedding Photographers Storage Solutions

Planning is important on a wedding especially choosing your best catering services and photography services. But one of the issues encountered by wedding photographers is photo storage. They take hundreds or even a thousand of images with their cameras especially when they are hired for a wedding. However, photo storage is not only an issue among photographers but even for individuals who are fond of capturing various images with their digital cameras. Instead of transforming shoeboxes to wedding picture boxes to keep the negatives and prints, there are now hard drives, CDs and DVDs to easily save and protect your images.

Here are the solutions for wedding photography storage in NYC from photographers.

Multiple backups
CD or DVD burning is an effective solution to save and preserve the quality of your images for years. However, photography experts say it is not enough to copy and paste all your images in one CD or DVD. It is best to have multiple backups just in case one of the CDs or DVDs gets corrupted. It is considered effective and a long term storage solution as well to migrate your file to newer technology or CD, DVD or drive.

Digital organization
While multiple backups of your wedding images are important, you should not forget as well to remain organized with all the devices and online photography storage services you use. If you are using Flickr to save all your images, you should have your albums organized for easy viewing and access for your NYC photography or visit for ideas.

Go for the long term solution
It is inevitable for CD, DVD or hard drive to be misplaced or corrupted. It is hard to retrieve data from a corrupt disk or drive. For this reason, you should always consider storage solutions that offer a long term benefit for you. There are softwares online to help you retrieve photos in a corrupt card, so when something goes wrong you have the chance to get them back.

These solutions for wedding photography storage in NYC from photographers can greatly help any individuals, especially brides and grooms who want to preserve their wedding pictures safely and securely.

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