Matching Multicolor Wedding Flower Arrangements with Seasons in Houston TX

Blending Seasons to Bridal Flower Arrangements

Multicolor wedding flower arrangements in weddings in Houston TX are complicated and difficult to obtain. More couples choose a motif to avoid further complications on their wedding flower decorations but there are some people who are really wanting to make their wedding different from the others so they choose a multicolored theme wedding.

These multicolored theme wedding is actually patterned on the primary colors with neutral colors acting as a moderator on the strong colors used. Since the couple will also use different colors and different styles of flowers, Houston TX multicolored wedding flower arrangements are more expensive than the usual. They are three times more expensive because of the florist’s skill of combining the colors and matching them with different types of flowers.

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To obtain a unified theme in the multicolor flower arrangements on weddings of Houston TX, they have a four seasons theme that is quite unique and interesting for the couple.

Winter colors are used like white blue and shades of gray. These winter colored flowers are arranged together with the other seasons. White twigs are used representing the snowy trees that we commonly have during the winter season. These winter colors neutralize the strong colors of the surroundings. They add to the magnificence and emphasis on the abundance of the flowers involved. Usually they are arranged as the centerpiece in the wedding. You can also ask your wedding caterer if they offer same service.

Spring colors are the best to use. Since they represent how these flowers bloom in a beautiful state, the colors red, orange, yellow, lavender, etc. They are combined together in making a perfect harmony. A great amount of flowers are used as much as possible to make an abundant look on the flower bouquets. They are commonly used in the bride’s bouquet.

Summer colors add to the liveliness of the surroundings. Dominated by the colors of yellow or pink,they make the surroundings cozy and joyful. The summer colors in the setting are commonly used as the path walk on the aisle to give a great mood on the bridal march. It usually emphasizes the colors around them making the guests clothes look more vibrant and beautiful.

Autumn or fall colors which are commonly orange and red are used for the decorations in the wedding venues. These colors have a very big role in making the surroundings bright. The brown colored twigs are used combined with the other seasonal colored flowers arranged in harmony, such ideas are good to know.

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