How to Style Your Groom for a Summer Wedding

Groom’s Summer Wedding Style

Brides are not the only ones who should be readied when the wedding will be held during the warm days of summer season. Since groom is also part of this big event, it is important that their outfits are also fit for the event. To help your groom find his style for a formalwear, here are the three best suggestions recommended by wedding stylists:

tuxedoTuxedo in classic black

In menswear, you can never go wrong with black even if it’s a wedding held during summer or not. According to fashion stylist, black will always be sophisticated and classy anytime of the day. It is also highly suggested that black tuxedo should be paired with bow tie in black. Moreover, black tuxedo is also perfect for bright bowties. Yes, black is perfect whether your bowties are dark or light.

Choose white dinner jackets for a retro feel or vibe

A wedding that has a vintage flair is indeed giving a different level of charm. This retro look is quite common and emergence in modern weddings as most grooms want to achieve a James Bond look. This kind of look is cool and unique that adds to the manly appeal.  A perfect look with vintage flair will always be characterized with white jacket, cummerbund and black pants. As the finisher, you can always wear a bow tie in black hue. With this kind of look, your groom can be able to get away from the classic or traditional look stylishly. You also need to consider the outfit of your wedding caterer to match the event.

Get a dapper look through stylish suits

If your wedding is not themed formal then you can have your groom look stylish by adapting a dapper look. Informal weddings are usually perfect opportunity in terms of wearing gray and tan suit. Since it is summer, you can have your groom wear apparel that has a lighter hue. Unlike tuxedos, these light colored suits are good whether the event is during daytime or not. The general impression when wearing stylish and different colored suits is the groom becomes dashing.  

Choosing the proper attire for a wedding event is not only limited to brides. For men to get comfortable with their fashion style, they should also undergo selections and fittings. While it is true that most men have no patience for these things, it is important that you give word of encouragement and inspiration.

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