Healthy Summer Trend Options From Your Wedding Catering in Philadelphia, PA

Healthy Food Options

In weddings, you should understand that it’s not all about the cost or how extravagance a wedding party is. A wedding is all about the bond and commitment you have for your partner as well as with the people who shares the joy with you in your most special day.

cateringIf you’re planning for your wedding too, then you should know that sharing a good meal with the people you love is very important. They have to be satisfied with their food while feeling the sense of entertainment.

As summer is approaching, it is important that what you request from your wedding catering in Philadelphia, PA should be something that would complement the season. Here are some of the healthy wedding food trends that you can throw this summer for your wedding.

Fruits and Vegetables.

When you were growing up,you were always told to eat your fruit and veggies. And that is involuntary. While wedding receptions are no strangers to fruit and vegetables, the same old displays are dated and boring. Spice up the menu with a beautiful presentation of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh produce is not only a tasty option for your wedding reception, it also doubles as beautiful decor. The bright colors and variety of shapes and sizes of these types of foods create an eye catching showcase that will have mouths watering. Think of designs that’s new to the eyes of the audience with the help of your wedding caterer. You can also display vegetables in clear glass containers to let their colors show.


Create a healthy drink option for your guests. Ask your wedding catering in Philadelphia, PA to serve fruit smoothies. These will lower your budget on alcohol cost, plus it’s healthy. This cold drink will surely quench those thirsty throats during this coming dry season.

Healthy desserts.

You may not know that some of your guests may be opting for a diet. Desserts are their real struggle. But, they may not have to. Serve them with healthy but delicious, mouth-watering desserts like strawberry shortcakes, or fruitcakes. you can serve a low-fat choice like fruit kebabs can provide a taste of sweet without wreaking havoc on waistlines.

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