Equipment of Creative Wedding Photographers in San Diego, CA

High End Equipment of Wedding Photographers

As wedding photographers in San Diego, CA, what are the basic equipment that you should have in order to provide the best wedding pictures? It is a known fact that all wedding photographers spend a fortune for their equipment for this equipment play a great role in the results and output of the photos. As wedding photographers in San Diego, CA, may you be amateur or professional, you will need to spend a lot of money to buy the necessary equipment used.

In general, the essentials of a wedding photographer in San Diego, CA are tripods, monopods, different types of flash, premier lenses, battery packs and a safety bag to hold all of the bulky things altogether.

The basic equipment that you will need is a proper lighting, a digital SLR with camera standees and a photography team of 3 to 4 persons to facilitate the whole coverage. There should be the person assigned for the video coverage, two for the pictorials and the last one will be in charge of the lighting, editing and setting of hues. A solo photographer can do all these but in a grand wedding, many hands lead to better results. The proper lighting is facilitated with two spotlights which could be adjusted and one portable battery operated flash-automated light.

The digital camera should have the best lenses of at least two types. One for portrait pictorials and one for the landscape type pictorials. The lenses play a huge role in the capturing of events and creating a good effect in the photo developing. Each camera should have their own standees especially the video coverage camera. Since the photographers adjust their angles from time to time, the lighting should also coordinate well so the spotlights and other equipment should be controlled and operated by a facilitator. Choosing your photographer is like how you deal with the bridal caterer for your special event, so you must pay attention very well. Find suitable one at

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