Why Crawfish Wedding Catering is Perfect for Your Houston, TX Nuptial?

Reasons to Getting a Crawfish Wedding Catering

catering1A crawfish is known to be a freshwater mini lobster. It is a certain type of fish that can be eaten once it is boiled. Many wedding catering services serves crawfish in Houston, TX. You can certainly have this kind of catering if you want a unique type of wedding. This is a tasty food that will make your stomachs be filled with joy and fun while eating it. So if you are the type of couple who are fond of eating shellfish, this is the best idea to be served for your wedding day. You just need to make sure that you have an alternative menu for those who are allergic to seafood. Here are some reasons why you should be having this menu for your big day:

To have a unique wedding menu

If you are looking forward to making your wedding day the most unique one, you can try and add something different in your wedding catering. Having a crawfish boil would be one idea that you have to try on. This is a very different type of eating than a simple spoon and fork platter menu. You don’t have to be super formal with this menu because you will be having the time of your life tasting the goodness that comes with it.

To have fun with your menu

It is time to get your hands dirty. How to eat a crawfish boil? First, you need to spread the crawfish into a clean table and let your guests dig in. You need to pull off the tail and eat the body then, suck the head. This can be a fun type of wedding menu to have in your big day. You just need to make sure that everyone who eats the crawfish doesn’t have any allergic reaction to it because it can really be disappointing to have one in your wedding event. You can add some salad on the menu for those who don’t eat crawfish.

Making your wedding less formal

Crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX is very less formal type of event that you will be having. You need to prepare for a lot of tissue and napkins if ever your guests will dig in. This is also a messy type of catering which will be super fun. So just think of it as an amazing wedding memory that you can treasure. Don’t forget to tell your videographer to capture every eating-the-crawfish moment. You may look for crawfish house Houston.

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