The Contract Essentials when Shopping for Wedding Dresses in Houston TX

Contract for your Wedding Dress

Wedding planning is exciting and stressful too. For a bride who plans everything without any help from a wedding planner, make sure you always have a notebook of your schedules, appointments, contact details of your preferred vendors for your catering, photography and dress designer and the contracts too.

When you go shopping for wedding dresses in Houston, TX, do not be surprised when you receive a contract. The wedding quinceanera dresses in Houston contract outlines the details of your purchase, including the style, color, size, delivery date. It is best to read through the contract before whipping out some cash from your wallet.

Wedding DressFor further information, here is a sample of what should be included in a wedding dress contract.

Bridal Shop – it must state the bridal shop/salon’s name. For communication purposes, the address and the phone number should be stated as well. It is good if you have recalled the name/s of your bridal shop consultants but don’t worry, as it must be included in the contract too.

The Cost – this is one of the important parts of the contract. Apart from the accurate date and time of your purchase, go through thoroughly with the charges and the extra fees. If you have already provided a deposit, make sure the figures are marked clearly on the contract. Check as well the figures stated for the amount you still owe them. Verify the due date for the remaining balance. If you have more fittings to do, determine how much each fitting will cost you.

Wedding Dress – this is another important part of the contract you should check when you shop for wedding dresses in Houston, TX. Find out if the designer’s name and style name or number is clearly stated. Also, this part of the contract should include the color of your preferred wedding dress. Of course, verify to your seamstress or tailor the exact size or measurements for your wedding dress.

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