Choosing Your Wedding Date – Things to Consider for the Perfect Celebration

Choosing a Wedding Date

When do you want to tie the knot? You do not necessarily have to run down the aisle after getting engaged. Prior to the day you exchange vows with your partner, you need some time for planning and organizing everything that you dream for your wedding.

wedding1It all depends upon you and your partner on how long you want your engagement to be and how much time for planning is needed. There is no strict rule, but consider giving yourself at least six months. This gives you enough time to find an available venue and date for the wedding.

Winter is the best season if you want to have snow-capped mountains as your wedding backdrop. Spring is the best time of the year to have full bloom flowers for your spring wedding. It’s easy to pick a date depending on the season you want. However, you need to be specific with the date because wedding vendors need it for booking. Here the things to consider before you pick a date for the wedding.

Budget – this has a huge part in wedding planning. Some couples decide on a budget first before deciding on anything about their wedding. You should know that getting married in June is expensive than marrying in November. June is considered a peak season for weddings, so choose off-season wedding dates. You will find vendors offering cheaper rates on their services and packages.

Destination – it pays to do some research about the place where you want to get married. If you are going to have a destination wedding, check on the weather patterns first. On what time of the year or day does the hurricane afflict the place?

Schedule – this includes your schedule and your guests’ schedules. What’s your profession and what are the activities that might come near your wedding date? Do you need to be around and get involved with the planning? Consider this before you pick a date for the wedding. If you want your partner’s brother or sister to be part of the wedding party, you need to confirm with them that they will be available on your wedding. Maybe their cousin or best friend is also getting married on the other side of the country and you will be competing for them to attend your wedding.

Venue – couple’s often choose a date first before searching a venue. Others pick on the available date of their chosen venue. It is important to check the venue that you really want to hold your wedding as early as possible. You need to be flexible with your date if you have set your heart on a particular venue. Try to pick at least two to three wedding dates so that you will have options.

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